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Removes a document from Dienst, so that it is no longer available through the Dienst protocol. It rewrites the bibliographic file for the document to show that that the document is no longer available, then deletes all storage formats for the document from the repository. By default, it copies the storage formats to an archive before deleting them.

The withdraw_tr command requires you to provide a reason for the withdrawal. This is a string to be displayed to users who request the document in the future.

When withdrawing a document, you can choose whether or not to retain the bibliographic information (e.g. author, title, abstract) or delete it. By default, it is kept. Keeping it means that the Index server will still return the document when searched (even though anyone who attempts to read it will learn that it is no longer online.) But this may be a good thing if the document is available in some other way (i.e. it's been published), since presumably you do want your readers to be able to learn about the document. On the other hand if you wish to hide all trace of it's existance, use the -delete argument (below).


-reason string
A string specifying the reason for withdrawal. It goes into the bibliography file, and Dienst displays it to users who request the document in the future. If this argument is not supplied on the command line, withdraw_tr wil prompt you for it.
To delete a document is to remove all identifying information from the online bibliography. In particular, author, title, and abstract are erased.
Does not
Prints what would be done, but does not actually do anything.

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Updated Oct 24, 1995

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