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The dienst techreport software was originally designed to be part of a computer science techreport "network" (called NCSTRL). However, this never quite caught on, so currently the only NCSTRL site that the CSE techreport server can talk to is UCSD/CSE itself. Thus, all searches are effectively local searches only.

Help on Searching

You can search for a document with either a simple search or a fielded search.

Simple Search

Simple search consists of a single text entry box on the NCSTRL server home page. Enter keywords in this box (e.g., "digital library") to search the author, title, and abstract fields of the bibliographic entries for technical reports. The entire NCSTRL collection is searched. The search returns documents whose bibliographic entries contain all the words you enter in either the author, title, or abstract fields.

Fielded Search

The fielded search form has three logical components. First, there are three text entry fields for bibliographic keyword entry, and two radio buttons to specify whether the keywords entered should be "anded" or "ored" together. Second, there is a menu of the publishers in the NCSTRL collection, and a check box to use all publishers. Finally, there is a text entry field in which you may specify a document identifer.

To specify search criteria, do the following:

  1. If you wish to specify search criteria based on bibliographic keywords (author, title or abstract), fill one of the keyword fields (see the rules for bibliographic keyword matching) : and select the "AND" or "OR" radio button.
  2. Select at least one of the publishers from the list on the form, or select the checkbox to search all publishers. Unfortunately, each Web browser has a different rule for multiple selections in a menu. Consult the documentation for your browser for help with this.
  3. Document Identifier - The identifying "name" of the document, unique for any given publisher. Your entry will be matched against any substring of the document identifiers; e.g., the entry "94" will match "94-1435" and "89-194". A document identifier entry is always "anded" to bibliographic keyword entries; i.e., only documents which meet the bibliographic keyword criteria and the document name criteria will be returned.
Please take note that not all documents in the collection have abstracts. If you want your search request to include documents without abstracts, enter your search criteria under Title as well as Abstract.

Your search criteria will be rejected if you don't select at least one publisher (or the "all" checkbox), and specify at least one bibliographic keyword or a document identifier.

Rules for bibliographic keyword matching

Words that you enter in the three bibliographic keyword fields (Author, Title, Abstract) are matched to bibliographic entries according to the following rules: Note: Do not use short, common words or single letters in the bibliographic keyword fields (e.g., "the", "a", "s"). You will be asked to re-eenter your search if the keyword you enter matches too many words in the database.

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