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The Dienst Library Management Utilities

This document describes a set of programs that assist in the management of an online collection. It includes tools that

A step by step procedure for adding a new document to your document database is offered in the the Dienst maintenance documentation.

This package is optional in Dienst because it relies upon software not distributed with Dienst (PBMplus and Ghostscript). If your site does not already have this software, it is easily available on the Internet. For help with the installation, see the on-line documentation. These Library Management utilities assume the following:

Document Submission (by author)

An author submits a new report by filling out an HTML form called Submit a Technical Report that requests bibliographic information (title, author, and abstract) and the path of a PostScript file for the new report. The Submit utility checks that the form is complete. If it is, it creates a bib file from the information submited, then copies the bib file and the PostScript file to a temporary directory and sends email to the document librarian, and finally notifies the author. (If not, it just notifies the author.) This Submit utility is accessed with the Dienst 4.0 protocol, i.e. it is not a standalone utility as are the others.

Document Installation (by Document Librarian)

No document enters the document database until the document librarian checks that the submission is from a valid party, verifies that the template bibliography file has correct data, and assigns a unique document name to the document. At Cornell, the document librarian also verifies that the author has signed a copyright release document. When the document librarian is satisfied, s/he adds the document to the database with the install_tr command. This creates a directory in the file system and copies the PostScript file and bibliography file into the file system. install_tr takes two arguments, the handle or complete document id (including the publisher), and the temporary filename. (Example: install_tr ncstrl.cornell/TR95-2000 Nov20-2).

After the document has been added, the librarian then uses the database maintenance tools to add the document's information to the Dienst index files.

Document Format building (by Document Librarian)

After the document has been added, the librarian can build additional formats for the document using the db_build utility. For instance, this utility creates an set of inline GIF's (an image/page) and a thumbnail gif and imagemap of the GIF's from a PostScript file.

Document Withdrawal (by Document Librarian)

Documents are withdrawn from the database for a variety of reasons: some examples are results are proven invalid, the document is replaced by a revised version, or the document has been submitted to a publication that prohibits distribution in other forms. The document librarian withdraws a document with the withdraw_tr command. The Dienst UI server displays the withdrawn reason to any users who try to view this document.

Document Replacement (by Document Librarian)

If a document needs to be replaced, for instance, if it has been superceded by another document, the replace_tr utility will perform this task.

Database Integrity Checking

The document database is checked using the db_check utility. This routine inspects the document file system, either counting files and sizes, or checking document formats for consistency or both.

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