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Inspects the Dienst file system, either counting files and sizes, or checking document formats for consistency, or both.


reports on the size of the database.
checks files for validity. This can be slow. At least one of -size or -verify must be given.
(Optional) causes -size to also print size reports for each document in addition to the totals. It is also useful as an indicator of progress, since scanning a large database may take hours.
-out file
(Optional). the output file for the report. Default is STDOUT
-format format
(Optional) Check this format. This argument may be repeated to specify several formats to be checked. If it is omitted, all formats are checked.
-docid docid
(Optional) Check only this docid. If omitted, all documents are checked, (unless -year or -publisher further limits the search.)
-year year
(Optional) Check only documents from this year. You can only use this option if your collection is organized by year. (See your configuration files.)
-publisher publisher
(Optional) Check only documents from this publisher.


dbcheck -docid CORNELLCS:TR94-1418 -verify -format postscript verifies that the postscript file for TR94-1418 is correct.

dbcheck -docid CORNELLCS:TR94-1418 -size Shows the size of every format used in this document.

dbcheck -year 1995 -each -verify -size Checks everything from 1995.

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