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-docid docid
(Optional) Build only this docid. If omitted, all documents are built.
-format format
(Optional) Build only this format. This argument may be repeated If it is omitted, all formats are built.
(Optional). Print messages, but don't actually do anything.


By default the db_build program builds all format that are missing and for which there is some way to build them. For example, given a PostScript format, it can construct a GIF for inline viewing, and given a GIF, it can construct a thumbnail composite for visual browsing, and so on. On the other hand, it can't construct a PostScript file from a GIF.

Some of the constructions are slow and/or require a lot of temporary space.


db_build -docid CORNELLCS:TR94-1418 -format inline Builds inline files for this docid

Extending db_build

If you define new formats at your site, you should extend db_build to handle them. To do this, you must define a routine (called a checker) to checks whether a format is up to date (exists and is complete). If it is possible to construct the new format from some existing format (e.g. create JPEG from TIFF) or to construct an existing format from the new one (e.g. make GIF from Microsoft Word.) then you may choose to define one or more (a transformer) routines. A transformer translates one kind of format to another.

The routines must be placed in the file This file has many examples of checkers and transformers, some simple, some complex.

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