NCSTRL Documentation

Installing WAIS sf Search Engine [optional]

Installing WAIS is suggested for large databases such as the regional index servers that may store more than 10000 records and serve requests for an entire region.

The default Dienst search engine keeps all indexes in memory so for large collections on heavily loaded systems this may cause problems with limited memory resources, especially when Dienst forks children to handle search requests. Increasing swap space to at least 400MBytes will help get rid of "server fork failer" and "no swap space" messages for the short term; using the WAIS search engine is another way to resolve this problem.

It is suggested that you get the system working with the built-in search engine before installing the WAIS search engine. You might find the Dienst indexer works fine for your collection.

The steps are:

  1. Install WAIS-sf software
  2. Build the link_waissearch.c program
  3. Reinstall dienst with WAIS search engine
  4. Index database
  5. Start WAIS-sf server 'waisserver'
  6. Test