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Installing Library Management

Prerequisites for this installation

To install the library management package, you must have previously installed a basic Dienst system. Your configuration file must support the document types postscript, inline and composite. If you used the autoconfiguration tool, and did not change any of the default defined formats in install.config, then these document types are already supported. Check the on-line documentation for adding content if you need to add these formats.

You must have Jeff Poskanzer's PBM libraries and ghostscript. Both are readibly obtainable on the Internet.

You will need a working knowledge of perl and Unix to complete this installation.

The steps are:

  1. Edit the configuration file
  2. Edit online help files
  3. Access Submit Form from your Web server
  4. Set $path to allow access to the pbm library

Edit the configuration file

The file Config/ contains configuration constants for the library management package. We assume that there is a person, a document librarian (DL), who acts as a "gatekeeper" for documents that are submited to the document database. (NOTE: the variables listed below are not in the order they are in the file.) You can run a syntax check on your changes by typing perl -c

To implement these changes, tell dienst to "reload code" with a kill -USR1 signal to the Dienst server process.

Edit online help files

Edit the file htdocs/dienst_submit/submission.html which provides online instructions and help for authors submitting reports to your local collection. The file included with this software is very Cornell site-specific, and outlines the procedure of submitting a technical report, and delineates the responsibilities of the author and the librarian of the collection, as the Cornell CS department has defined them. This file needs to re-written to reflect your own site's procedures.

You may also want to edit the file htdocs/dienst_submit/submit.html which is the actual form that the authors use to submit a report.

Accessing the Submit form through your Web server

You must make sure that the HTML files in htdocs/dienst_submit are accessible to your users. If you use your http server solely as a gateway to Dienst, then the steps you took to install the home page should suffice. Otherwise, create a symbolic link from the DocumentRoot directory (assigned in the httpd configuration file) to htdocs/dienst_submit. As test, try to open the URL /Dienst/htdocs/dienst_submit/submit.html. This should display a form titled Submit a Technical Report.

Set $path to allow access to the pbm library

The pbm library is defined as a variable in Config/ This library must also be accessible from the path of the account that runs db_build, esp. when building composite formats.

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