CACTI-IO Technical Report

Norman Kahng Jouppi Andrew Muralimanohar Naveen Srinivas Vaishnav
September 17, 2012

We describe CACTI-IO, an extension to CACTI that includes power, area and timing models for the IO and PHY of the off-chip memory interface for various server and mobile configurations. CACTI-IO enables quick design space exploration of the off-chip IO along with the DRAM and cache parameters. We describe the models added to CACTI-IO that help include the off-chip impact to the tradeoffs between memory capacity, bandwidth and power. This technical report also provides three standard configurations for the input parameters (DDR3, LPDDR2 and Wide-IO) and illustrates how the models can be modified for a custom configuration. The models are validated against SPICE simulations and show that we are within 0-15% error for different configurations. We also compare with measured results.

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