A Practical Microcylinder Appearance Model for Cloth Rendering

Iman Sadeghi, Oleg Bisker, Joachim De Deken and Henrik Wann Jensen
April 5, 2012

This paper introduces a simple shading model for cloth. The model can simulate both the anisotropic highlights on cloth as well as the complex color shifts seen in cloth made of different colored threads. Our model is based on extensive Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) measurements of several cloth samples. We have also measured the scattering profile of several different individual cloth threads. Based on these measurements we have derived a simple model capable of predicting the light scattered by different threads. We model cloth as a collection of threads in a weave pattern which provides information about the coverage of the different thread types as well as their tangent directions. Our model also accounts for shadowing and masking by the threads. We validate our model by comparing predicted and measured values and we show how we can use the model to recover parameters for different cloth samples including silk, velvet, linen, and polyester with varying weaving patterns. We can also, model the appearance of novel physically plausible cloth fabrics. Finally, we demonstrate that our model can run in real-time on a GPU.

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