Automatic Color Calibration for Large Camera Arrays

Neel Joshi, Bennett Wilburn, Vaibhav Vaish, Marc Levoy Levoy and Mark Horowitz
May 11, 2005

We present a color calibration pipeline for large camera arrays. We assume static lighting conditions for each camera, such as studio lighting or a stationary array outdoors. We also assume we can place a planar calibration target so it is visible from every camera. Our goal is uniform camera color responses, not absolute color accuracy, so we match the cameras to each other instead of to a color standard. We first iteratively adjust the color channel gains and offsets for each camera to make their responses as similar as possible. This step white balances the cameras, and for studio applications, ensures that the range of intensities in the scene are mapped to the usable output range of the cameras. Residual errors are then calibrated in post-processing. We present results calibrating an array of 100 CMOS image sensors in different physical configurations, including closely or widely spaced cameras with overlapping fields of views, and tightly packed cameras with non-overlapping fields of view. The process is entirely automatic, and the camera configuration runs in less than five minutes on the 100 camera array.

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