Declarative Resource Naming for Macroprogramming Wireless Networks of Embedded Systems

Chalermek Intanagonwiwat, Rajesh Gupta and Amin Vahdat
November 2, 2004

Programming Wireless Networks of Embedded Systems (WNES) is notoriously difficult and tedious. To simplify WNES programming, we propose Declarative Resource Naming (DRN) to program WNES as a whole (i.e., macroprogramming) instead of several networked entities. DRN allows programmers to declaratively describe a set of desired resources by their run-time properties and to map this set to a variable. Using DRN, resource accesses are simplified to completely network-transparent accesses of variables. DRN provides both individual and group accesses to the desired set. Group accesses (i.e., parallel accesses) reduce total access time and energy consumption because of possible in-network processing. Additionally, we can associate each set with tuning parameters (e.g., timeout, energy budget) to bound access time or to tune resource consumption.

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