GRYD: Generalized Reduced-Order Wye-Delta Transformation: Programmer's Manual for Reduction Engine and Applications

Zhanhai Qin and Chung-Kuan Cheng
July 31, 2003

GRYD is a multi-port linear RCLK-VJ network reduction software package. The package features: 1. an efficient linear network reduction engine based on the generalized Wye-Delta transformation algorithm; 2.GRYD simulator, which evaluates transient response waveforms to typical input signals, e..g., impulse, piecewise linear, and expotential functions; 3. GRYD pole analyzer, which evaluates the system transfer function matrix, poles and zeros, and a reduced-model stabilization mechanism; 4. network synthesizer, which realizes the reduced network and outputs a SPICE-compatible netlist file. The reduction engine takes as input a SPICE netlist file and generates a reduced admittance network in s domain. An important feature of the reduction engine is that each reduced admittance is a rational function of s, and the transfer functions of reduced network are exact up to a user-specified order beta. This programmer's manual covers both the engine and the applications.

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