Cone:Augmenting DHTs to Support Distributed Resource Discovery

Ranjita Bhagwan, George Varghese and Geoffrey M. Voelker
July 21, 2003

In this report, we suggest that both P2P Content Sharing and Computing can benefit from a unified perspective via distributed data structures with suitably chosen abstract operations. We introduce the generic approach of augmenting distributed data structures. Our approach augments a DHT and builds a prefix trie on node IDs and adds augmenting information to nodes. The augmentation can use any aggregate operator on keys (Max, Min, Sum,etc.).We apply the augmentation approach to introduce a new distributed data structure called a Cone. Cones support a variety of queries to locate resources, such as locating a resource of maximum size or a resource of at least a given size. For a DHT with N nodes and IDs of m bits, queries and updates take an expected-case O(log N) and worst-case O(m) messages.

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