Automatically Downloading Images to Improve Web Transfer Times

Girish Chandranmenon and George Varghese
September 11, 2001

Advances in technology have led to the introduction of Gigabit and even Terabit links. However, latencies are limited by the speed of light, In this paper we propose a technique called Auto Inline Download which enables servers and clients to transfer a web page and its embedded data (such as images, applets, etc.,) with just one GET request. This saves overall retrieval time by eliminating the delays associated with buffered request processing and saves a round trip if the the inline data reference is in the last segment of the data transfer for the web page itself. During our experiments, we found that with the current segment size of 512 bytes, TCP will take at least 7 round trip times to transfer an average web page. This implies that even if we have infinite speed links, TCP slow start will limit the transfer of a web page to at least 490msec assumung a coast-coast latenct of 70 msec.

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