Teaching Software Engineering in a Compiler Project Course

William G. Griswold
September 12, 2000

A compiler course with a term-long project is a staple of many undergraduate computer science curricula and often a cornerstone a program's applied-engineering component. Software engineering expertise can help a student complete such a course, yet that expertise is often lacking. This problem can be addressed without detracting from the core class material by integrating a few simple software engineering practices into the course. A domain-specific, risk-driven approach minimizes overhead and keeps the compiler material in focus, while treating the project as a ``real world'' enterprise reinforces key engineering lessons. The method might be called ``syntax-directed software engineering'', being driven by a specification centered around a BNF-style grammar. Engineering lessons are reinforced with general engineering principles and contextualization of the subject matter. The approach can be taught without substantial software engineering background. The approach of domain-specific risk-driven software engineering can be applied in courses such as operating systems by redesigning the practices around the its domain.

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